Travel Guru: Marie-Chantal of Greece

Marie Chantal

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece is mother to five children and Creative Director of eponymous lifestyle children’s clothing brand, Marie-Chantal. We chat to her about her packing tips and where in the world she goes to escape.

What are your 3 top tips for travelling with kids?

  1. Always pack a good first aid kit and wipes!
  2. Choose great books (with them) to download so they have plenty of choice for the whole of the holiday.
  3. Make sure they eat a proper meal before they get on the plane. The key is to keep everybody hydrated and well fed!

What would you never travel without?
We never travel without their Kindles, iPads and definitely headphones.

You’re on a plane with the family: where to and why?
Harbour Island in the Bahamas because it’s home away from home. Olympia, my eldest, was a month old when we visited for the first time and now we have a home there… plus it has the prettiest beach in the world.

Best family holiday so far?
Greece! Every summer we visit our friends and family. There is something special in family rituals and Greece in the summer is our annual get together.

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Bucket list family trip?
Machu Picchu in Peru. I can’t wait to take the kids there.

Packing tip?
With five children (a girl and four boys), being organised is the most important thing when travelling. Each of them has a little Muji bag and I pack in outfits rather than separates, which makes it much easier when dressing on holiday.

Marie Chantal instagramKids’ club or quality family time?
Family time every time.

One thing you’ve learned? Keep calm as kids pick up on everything especially your mood.

Beach bag saviour?
Really good quality sunblock, sunhats and a football for the boys.

Have you been anywhere you’ve loved but the children hated?
A couple of years ago we did a USA road trip with my sister and her family, which my husband and I absolutely loved, but the kids hated it! The adults thought it was the best thing ever!

Next adventure?
Travelling with five kids is always an adventure!

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