Essential family holiday checklist

Family Holiday Packing List

However often you travel, however far you fly, you can almost guarantee you’ll forget something. Well not this time. Not now that you have a definitive family holiday checklist.

You manage to find the amazing holidays that tick everyone’s boxes and book the flights while the prices are still bearable. You sort the dogsitter and arrange for a friend to water the plants. You rearrange a host of sports fixtures and various social calendars to accommodate the dates.

Which is why you end up packing the night before and spend the first day of your ‘holiday’ in the back of a taxi, alone, trying to source armbands while the rest of the family lie by the pool.

But hang on. Given some time (and a printable checklist) it’d be failsafe, right?

The Mr Fox packing list has everything you know you need (and some other things you might not have thought of), to make your holiday seamless from the get go.

Because we’ve learned from experience that a muslin per child is invaluable – at any age – doubling up as towels, blankets and makeshift dens when your flight is delayed… We have been at lost luggage, kicking ourselves that we didn’t pack a spare set of clothes for ourselves in the kids cases on the outside chance the throwers ‘checked one bag through to Bratislava instead of Barcelona’.

We know that flip-flops look great in adverts but stay on kids for less than 40 seconds… That talc is the best thing for removing sand from wet legs… that Dream Tubes are far more reliable than a rolled up towel for preventing bumps in the night.

So print this out, order what you need. Instruct your kids/partner to collect up what you already have and put it all aside in advance. Meaning no more midnight cupboard raiding or random, arbitrary items to weigh you down.

And you can head straight to the beach bar and have a celebratory drink – solo – while the family unpack for you.

Download and print our essential family holiday checklist (pdf) here: