Travel Guru: Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle

He has rowed the Atlantic Ocean, crossed Antarctica on foot, run across the Sahara and crossed the Empty Quarter on camel. But when Ben Fogle travels with his kids, his emergency ration? Roald Dahl books.

What are your 3 top tips for travelling with kids? 

Plenty of patience. Plenty of activities. Plenty of fun.

You’re on a plane with the family: where to and why? 

To Bolivia. I love Latin America. I spent nearly three years living there. I’d love to introduce my children to the continent.

Best family holiday so far?

Tanzania. We took Ludo and Iona on their first safari. It was unforgettable. Camping together. Playing with orphaned elephants and above all, spending time on a family adventure.

Packing tip?

Don’t pack too much. Hand luggage is always easier. Clothes can be washed. Less is more.

Kids’ club or quality family time?

Family time all the way.

Beach bag saviour?

Sunscreen and a hat.

What would you never travel without?

A good book. Roald Dahl is a current favourite. Pack a couple away for emergencies.

Have you been anywhere the children have loved and you’ve hated?

I’m not a big fan of theme parks…

Next adventure?

I’m boarding a plane for Laos today, sans famille. Our next family holiday is Portugal, where Marina and I got married.

Bucket list family trip? 

I’d like to take the children to India.

One thing you’ve learned?

Be brave. The kids will love it.