Best Gifts for the Future Rock Star

Channel that creative energy into making music.


Fisher Price Record Player
Something retro this way comes.

Fender Squier Mini Stratocaster
If you can bear the noise (or soundproof a room).


Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit
The neighbours can thank us later.

Deuz Mini Wooden Maracas
Start them young.



Visual Compendium of Guitars
Serious strummers will love the detail.

Drum Mat

Drum Mat (with headphones…)
Let them learn in blissful silence.

Technology Will Save Us Speaker Kit
Make a speaker out of just about anything.

Guitar Pick wallet
Practical and cool.

christmas-14-new-rock-star-original_diy-ukelele-kit   DIY Ukulele Kit
Making craft cool.


Shwing Black Flames
Adding rock to every roll.


The Pokket Mobile DJ Mixer
Brilliant and battery operated for the mini-DJ on the go.

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