Best Gifts for 3 year olds

Awesome, appropriate and unusual – our pick of the best gifts for 3-year-olds.

Christmas Gifts for 3 year olds

Gifts for 3 year olds Balancing Cactus toy

1. Great for developing spatial awareness, this solid wood balancing cactus game is an unusual, stylish take on the Jenga theme for younger kids.

Numero 74 wings

2. Make-believe is in full flood at this age so seize the moment with Numero 74 cotton fairy wings.

Gifts for 3 year olds Money Acrobat

3. Rewind a few decades with this monkey trapeze toy: simple, old-fashioned fun that makes a great stocking gift and looks great on the bedside shelf for years to come.

Gifts for 3 year olds Wheres the Pair Book

4.  There’s nothing as satisfying for little people than spotting something before you do. Have fun together with Big Picture Press’ brilliant spotting book Where’s The Pair?, just control the urge to see it first.

Gifts for 3 year olds Donna Wilson Toy

5. Are they a little unsure of the world? Try Donna Wilson’s transitional object, Donald designed exclusively for London’s School of Life. A great way to comfort and reassure little ones at bedtime or in times of change.

Gifts for 3 year olds

6. We love a slogan top, and cool kids will enjoy giving this Kid + Kind t-shirt to their younger sibling. (No longer available)

Gifts for 3 year olds Prickly Pile Up

7. There can’t be many families around who don’t already have the brilliant stacking Prickly Pile Up game, but if you are/know one, buy it sharpish.

Gifts for 3 year olds Tiddlywinks

8. A classic stocking filler, this tiddlywinks game should keep them occupied while you get onto dinner. The swing lid means it’s easy to carry around without losing the pieces.

Gifts for 3 year olds Play kitchen

9. Budding chefs and young pretenders will enjoy cooking up a storm at this John Lewis country play kitchen.

Gifts for 3 year olds Kiddimoto Bike

10. If they’re ready for a balance bike, how about this rugged Kiddimoto superbike: it looks fierce and can even be personalised with their name. This will definitely give little ones credibility with older brothers and sisters. 

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