How To Preserve Your Kids’ Best Artwork

Do you stick your children’s best artwork to the fridge door or squirrel piles of their sketches away in shoeboxes? Then take a look at these three brilliant ways to display and preserve their finest works.

Esquire recently featured an infographic saying that kids are only 38% as adorable as their parents think they are. So based on no scientific research at all, we would argue that their art is only 38% as promising as most parents believe.

But whether you’re the kind of parent who deposits every one of their offerings into the recycling bin, or hoards endless shoeboxes of scrap paper with varying degrees of artistic pedigree, there will always be the odd piece that deserves some glory.

And so, we share three ways to display and preserve your children’s finest artwork.

1. The Contemporary Art Print

Little Square Gallery

Little Square Gallery came to the fore for their brilliant large format collages, which use giclée prints in little squares on a floating mount – but now they have branched out to offer ever more contemporary options.

Meaning that if you appreciate your child’s innocent hand but can’t bear the idea of primary colours on the kitchen walls, you can send their artwork by post and LSG will create a reproduction of your child’s artwork as a simple black and white fine art print. The ‘Styled Gallery Print’ uses archival inks and papers to make a monochrome print in a handcrafted solid white or black wooden frame.

Prints cost from £40 

2. The Coffee Table Book

Doodlenest Children's Art Book

If you’ve ever tried to create a photo book as a gift you’ll know how utterly tedious and time consuming it is, but now you can bring your kids’ artwork out of the attic and shove it all – paintings, drawings, cards, collages, cutouts and even 3D objects – into a box so that Doodlenest can make you a book.

Simply fill the box with your favourite pieces and they do the rest, sending you a proof of your book (or card or collage) to sign off.

It means you can brag about your kid’s promise over Sunday lunch, or have a bunch printed up as gifts for grandparents, and as a bonus, you get to clear space in the loft too. Everyone’s a winner.

Books cost from £195 

3. The Oil Painting

Javier Atelier Children's Art Work

Spanish artist Javier Atela is the go-to man to ‘add an extra dimension’ to your budding Picasso’s latest creation.

Eye-wateringly expensive it may be, but if you see true promise in little Jago’s brushstrokes, you might want to invest. Send your child’s finest work to Javier and he will interpret and expand upon the piece, blending the original sketch with colour and depth until finally you have a vast original painting to hang over the mantlepiece. Not for the modest.

Commissions cost from £2500

Lydia Gard is the editor of Mr Fox and has two sons, aged 3 and 7. Her father taught fine art for many years and yet she struggles to draw a passable stick man. Follow her on Instagram @mrfoxmag