Favourite Five: April

Five of our favourite things at Mr Fox HQ this month.

As you might imagine, we spend an unusual amount of time seeking out brilliant toys, games, clothes, recipes and decor ideas for boys to share on Mr Fox. It isn’t really very healthy for our own bank balances, especially when our sons catch a glimpse over our shoulders…

Here are some of the best new (and old) finds that we’ve being buying and making for our boys recently.

We are always on the lookout for practical, innovative or plain cool stuff so let us know what you have been buying, reading, and coveting by email or on Facebook.

Lydia & Kate

1. Numero 74 teepee

Numero 74 Teepee

Lydia: My sons share a room with single beds next to one another, but I’m finally over my fear of the big one flipping out of bed like a salmon and have assembled their bunk beds, freeing up valuable floor space. They have been pining for a play tent for ages and I caved in when Numero 74 brought out a range of cotton teepees this spring. I’m not sure if it’s the shape, the knight-inspired flags or the sunflower yellow but I am happy to give this houseroom.

Get one at Smallable.

2. Jane Mount: Ideal Bookshelf

Jane Mount Kids Books

Kate: I recently stumbled across these brilliant custom prints from New York-based illustrator Jane Mount. She describes them as ‘portraits of people through the spines of their favourite books’ and I think they are an unusual and beautiful way to capture a moment in my son’s life and give his room a long overdue update at the same time. Simply tell Jane your child’s favourite books (or pick from a standard list for a less expensive option) and she will create a fabulous bespoke bookshelf for you. A series of standard children’s bookshelf prints, as well as grown up options including cookbooks, classic literature and travel writing, are also available.

Find out more at www.idealbookshelf.com 

3. Stocs


Lydia: Looking for ideas for our gift guides I found possibly the coolest thing for kids I’ve seen yet. Stocs are rigid poles wrapped in flexible fabric, which can be tied at the ends to create architectural structures, limited only by their imaginations. Designed in Holland, the system is so simple and clever, great for make-believe, practicing knots, creativity and teamwork. The Stocs M 20 kit is ideal for home and packs away into a small bag. Ideal for ages 6+ 

Available from Toyella

4. Boden’s Lobster Shirt

Boden Lobster Shirt

Kate: Boden’s towelling polos are a staple in our house every summer but as far as my sea-creature-obsessed son is concerned they have knocked it out of the park this year with this lobster number (they come in more sedate patterns too). While a terry towel polo may usually conjure up images of a young Sean Connery in Dr No, this more garish option is much more Goose from Top Gun. And how can that be a bad thing?

Get one at Boden

5. Swedish ‘Chokladbollar’

Swedish Chocolate Balls

Lydia: We spent two weeks during the Easter holidays staying with Swedish friends. This meant plates of ‘Swedish Chocolate Balls’ balancing precariously in the fridge and since the recipe includes chocolate but still sneaks under the radar as a healthy option, I thought I’d share it.

100g butter // ½ cup sugar (or maple syrup) // 2 tbsp cocoa powder // 4 cups of rolled oats // 2 tbsp water (or espresso if the kids aren’t partaking) // Desiccated coconut to roll

Throw it all in a bowl and rub together with your fingertips before rolling the mixture into balls, roughly 2cm across. Coat in coconut if you really need to make them sweeter. Pile them on a plate and keep in the fridge. Expect the repeat the whole exercise in an hour or two once the family have discovered them.