Favourite Five: May

Image: James Ransom/Food 52

Five of our favourite things at Mr Fox HQ this month.

As you might imagine, we spend an unusual amount of time seeking out brilliant toys, games, clothes, recipes and decor ideas for kids to share on Mr Fox. It isn’t really very healthy for our own bank balances, especially when our sons catch a glimpse over our shoulders…

We are always on the lookout for practical, innovative or plain cool stuff so let us know what you have been buying, reading, and coveting by email or on Facebook.

Lydia & Kate

1. Parenthood Listography

Parenthood Listography

Kate: I could never bring myself to compile one of those twee ‘Your Baby’s First Year’ books complete with footprints and locks of hair, but this offering from US based Listography is the perfect option for our Buzz Feed generation of list lovers. Covering the usual (A List of How We Celebrated Your Birthdays) to the more offbeat (A List of Lies and Imaginary Tales You Told) and supported by quirky, amusing illustrations, this is a brilliant way to build a chronicle to hand to your kids on their 18th birthday. It would make a great new baby gift as well.

Available at Waterstones branches and on Amazon 

2. Tobias & The Bear Bedding

Tobias & The Bear

Lydia: I love fab British brand Tobias & the Bear. They do a range of playful printed leggings, t-shirts and now, bedding. At the moment there are cotbed sets and, soon to follow, duvets too. My current favourite is Ned the Elephant (pictured) though there is a fox print too…

Get it at Tobias & The Bear  

3. Dinner vs. Child

Image: James Ransom/Food 52

Image: James Ransom/Food 52

Kate: I spend too much time reading Food 52 as it is but Nicholas Day’s fortnightly column, Dinner vs Child, is one of the highlights. Billed as a column ‘on cooking for children, and with children, and despite children’, his musings on feeding kids are relatable, usually hilarious and just happen to be paired with brilliant, simple family recipes. Expect to lose a few hours reading post after post (after post).  

Read it at Food 52 

4. Play Plax

Play Plax

Lydia: Do you remember this iconic game from your childhood? I do, and I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled on it again on cool kids gift site Molly & the Wolf. As they say about Play Plax, the beauty is in its simplicity: “no manual, no batteries, no beeps”. Just 48 jewel-coloured plates that interlock to create any number of shapes and creations. Simple, clean, honest fun – and not just for kids.

See more at Molly & The Wolf 

5. Yumbox


KateI read somewhere recently that switching up your child’s lunch box from time to time makes them more likely to eat whatever quinoa and kale based offering you’ve put inside. While that sounds more like wishful thinking than tried and tested advice, these clever lunch boxes come with pre-portioned divider trays (covering the 5 food groups – vegetable, grains, fruit, dairy and protein) making it easy to pack a nutritionally balanced, portion-controlled, lunch. They are sturdy, leak-proof and BPA-free too.

Available from (and currently on offer at) Eat Well UK