Taking One for the Team

When Hello! gleefully reported that David Beckham had eased to victory in the sports day dads’ race at his son’s school, it spared not a thought for the competitive 40-something dads left trailing in his wake, lungs burning, hamstrings torn.

But it turns out that being a dad is a dangerous game, even when you aren’t trying to outrun your sporting heroes in front of your wife and kids. According to new research, the average British dad with school-aged children experiences 22 parenting-related injuries per year, with a fifth taking time of work as a result.

Tripping over or treading on stray toys account for eight of these – anyone whose bare foot has met with a piece of Lego will attest to the excruciating pain of that.

On average, two whacks or balls to the groin befall dad each year and that’s before he’s received the three (apparently) accidental blows to the face. One in three have been on the receiving end of a head butt from their child, but the research doesn’t disclose how many of these are directly attributable to watching Jason Statham films.

Only one in five dads surveyed was brave enough to confess that they had picked up an injury doing something they should have known better than to try at their age. Presumably this covers somersaults on a trampoline, climbing up to the treehouse, performing wheelies or rugby tackling teens. We say fancying your chances against an only recently retired professional sportsman over 100 metres might well fall into the same category. Then again, as we always tell our kids, it’s the taking part that counts.

{The research was conducted online in Oct 2014 by OnePoll on behalf of new family focussed insurance brand There.} 

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