Christmas Gifts for Stylish Mums 2015

Christmas Gifts for Mums

Have you ticked off most of your Christmas shopping for the kids, nieces and nephews and the in-laws, but have no idea (if asked) what you want? Here are 10 things on our wish lists.

Christmas Gifts for Mums

Christies Felt rancher hat from Anthropologie


1.  You can throw on any old thing for the school run, as long as you top it with this felt rancher from Anthropologie. £68

School of Life Projects Notebook

2. Don’t miss the chance to write things down as you remember them. Carry around this School of Life Projects notebook and get one step closer to world (or at least PTA) domination. £15

Rotten Roach Favourite Child t-shirt

3. Let’s face it, if you’re not at the point with your own children of having that conversation, you almost certainly did with your own parents. Ask your sibling to buy you this Rotten Roach t-shirt for added comic value. £70

Bkr glass water bottle

4. We patiently waited for these cool glass water bottles in silicon wrap to come over from the U.S. and now that Bkr bottles are in Selfridges, we’ll have one of each colour, thanks. £36

Bloomingville brass deco house

5. Top of the list of things we absolutely don’t need but would very much like is this pretty Bloomingville brass deco house ornament. Stand a plant in it, or simply enjoy the clean lines. £31

Pink agate gold rimmed coasters

6.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to throw out your husband’s comedy beer mats and put your glass down on these gilded agate coasters instead? £99

Plumo derwent shopper7. Now that we are charged 5p per bag, what more reason do you need to buy a proper bag like this Derwent shopper from Plumo to last a lifetime…  Tenuous? Ok. Nice though isn’t it? £100

Tessa Packard Honeycomb gold neclace

8. Nothing says you are appreciated for your efforts like a beautiful handmade necklace by London-based jewellery designer Tessa Packard. Ours is the Honeycomb necklace. £280

36 Hours world box set Taschen

9. If building in time for daydreaming about holidays and city breaks is a big part of your New Year’s resolution strategy, you’ll need the 36 Hours world guides set, the best thing Taschen have rolled out this year. £80

Stella McCartney iPhone 6 shark cover

10. Show the kids you’ve still got a sense of humour with this cool shark iPhone case by Stella McCartney. £45

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