Instagram Inspiration: Photographers with Kids

Instagram kids photographers

In our new series, we share our favourite Instagram accounts to follow. First up, the 6 pro protographers whose magical pictures of their families keep us coming back time and time again.

Move over Facebook, Instagram is now the fastest growing major social network and the new go-to for us Generation X parents (who secretly wish we were millennials). We love it and could easily lose hours scrolling through our feeds and finding new accounts to follow but as the network grows it gets harder to find truly inspiring and creative images among the endless pictures of filtered sunsets and latte art.

So in the first of our new series, here are 6 of the pro photographers we follow who capture childhood beautifully and who might just give you ideas and inspiration for taking pictures of your own children.

Ali Dover (@ali_dover)

ALI DOVER Instagram

Childhood innocence and vintage colours and textures are the theme of Ali Dover’s feed which gives a very gritty and realistic portrait of British country life with her two children. Expect a lot of gorgeous dresses, sunlight on crops and close ups of the minutiae of children’s exploration of the world. Each picture is a window into the whimsy of childhood.

Emma Donnelly (@takeapicturelady)


Based in leigh-on-sea, Emma is one of the most inspiring portrait photographers we’ve found. While some of the pictures are styled they nevertheless feel natural, and are instantly engaging. Her personal style adds a classic edge to the contemporary feed.

Ivan Makarov (@ivanmakarov)

Ivan Makarov Instagram

Ivan’s photos are taken with a Leica, and though he grew up in Moscow, he lives in San Francisco Bay Area, California where most of the pictures are shot. His four blonde children feature prominently, usually outdoors and in natural light. The quality of the camera lends mood to the images which capture the very essence of freedom.

Miss Maya (@pics_missmaya)

Miss Maya Instagram

A Sydney-based photographer, who by her own admission ‘breathes creativity, struggles to cook dinner’, there’s nothing natural about Maya’s images which are heavily art directed, full of costume, pops and fairytales. And all the better, because they are compelling, achingly cool and will give you great ideas for unusual portraits as well as reminding you to have fun with the kids.

Summer Murdock (@summer_murdock)

Summer Murdock Instagram

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Summer’s pictures have a raw and edgy quality that makes you feel instantly connected with her subjects. It helps that the scenery is always striking, but perfect composition and her free-spirited kids makes her feed addictive. The unusual angles and crops are fun to try and recreate.

Polly Alderton (@Dollyandfife)

Emma Donnelly Instagram

UK based photographer Polly is a graduate of The Byam Shaw School of Art and University of the Arts, London. She lives in North Essex and takes strikingly authentic pictures of her four young children with incredible light and filters (using VSCO cam app) which make everything look magical. The embodiment of #childhoodunplugged.