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Room to Bloom: best wallpapers for boys bedrooms

Interior designer Ursula Wesselingh tracks down the best wallpaper for boys bedrooms and playrooms.

There is no doubt that wallpaper can add instant focus and charm to a child’s room, and there are plenty of cool designs available that are hard to resist. Though therein lies the pitfall – it is easy to get seduced and find your (or your child’s) crush has waned after a year.

The good news? Nowadays it is perfectly fine to put up a single strip or paper only one wall, which is nowhere near as much of an investment – or a pain to replace – as an entire room.

If you are still worried, search out self-adhesive and removable designs, so it is even easier to have a play with wallpaper.

Room to Bloom: best wallpapers for boys bedrooms

  1. Giraffe Printed magnetic wallpaper, from £64.50/roll

This magnetic wallpaper comes in ten fun animal designs in pleasantly neutral sepia tones. Install a single strip down the middle or one end of a wall in a family room or kid’s room, perhaps behind a desk or bed. Perfect for displaying notes, cards and drawings.

  1. Farrow & Ball Bamboo BP 2143 wallpaper, £95/roll

A masculine take on the botanical trend that is everywhere right now, this bamboo wallpaper would make a fabulous accent wall in a green bedroom. A restful colour that is perfect for child’s bedroom, this design is a stylish background for a jungle theme. Combine with more green and natural wood tones.

  1. World Map wallpaper mural by Mr Perswall, POA

A vintage style map of the world for little travellers. This wallpaper mural is made to fit your wall and comes in strips that together make up the design. Simply enter the wall’s dimensions on the supplier’s website and play around until you are happy with the design. There are many suppliers of this type of mural, some of which offer self-adhesive and removable options. You can also supply your own design.

  1. Cole & Son Stars wallpaper 103/3017, £70/roll

A simple, bold star design in what remains the colour du jour: dark, moody blue. The world’s favourite colour, blue will never go out of fashion for boy’s rooms though and is easy to combine with almost every other hue. Looks gorgeous with oak or walnut and can be further themed with space accessories, or simply add whimsy to a neutral scheme.

  1. Diagonal wallpaper, €22.50/sqm

An unusual take on stripes for boys, I like this happy green (though it comes in more colours). Team with woodwork in the same colour for a strong style statement. Great to brighten up a playroom or can be used as an accent in a circus themed bedroom.

  1. Textured Paintable Brick wallpaper, £9/roll

This textured brick wallpaper makes a great accent wall and offers an industrial or urban edge to boys’ rooms. It can be painted in any colour you like – blending in but breaking up the monotony of a monochrome scheme, or standing out in bold colour. Super cool with scrapwood or scaffolding elements to the furniture.

 Ursula Wesselingh is an interior designer specialising in children’s spaces. To escape the chaos she pours a glass of red wine. Follow Ursula on twitter @roomtobloom or visit her website

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