The Best Nightlights & Lamps

Interior designer Ursula Wesselingh, picks 6 of the best lamps and nightlights for children’s rooms.

With the nights drawing in and the house feeling dark even in daylight hours, it’s a perfect time to invest in some accent lighting. There is a huge choice of quirky and cool lights for children’s rooms, and most look good when switched off too, adding a great decorative touch. Small enough to place on a wardrobe, chest of drawers or display shelf, they often can be wall-mounted too. Choose battery operated lights if there’s no socket nearby – though be prepared to change the batteries often.

Lights and lamps for children's rooms

Dinosaur Jar Kids Desk Lamp

1. Dinosaur Jar desk lamp, £68.85
Sure to delight dinosaur lovers, this light can be used as bedside table lamp or displayed on a chest of drawers – there’s a pendant version too that can be suspended. If dinosaurs don’t do it anymore, there are plenty of other designs too in a range of colours, including a Playmobil pirate and little deer.Fromage le Rue Cloud Lamp

2. Fromage La Rue Petite Vegas cloud, £99
This dreamy cloud light by Australian designers Fromage La Rue can be wall mounted or used as a table light. It plugs in with a clear flex – so you can leave it on as long as you like with no batteries to change. The star and lighting bolt designs from the same range are highly covetable too.Aspace bulb string lights
3. Aspace Bulb string lights, £20
Festoon lights add instant cheer to a room, but are usually made for outdoor use and too long and bulky to brighten up a child’s bedroom. In come these battery operated lights. Same style, easy to handle, great for adding a little accent above a bed, along a cupboard, shelf, etc.
DIY lightbox4. A Little Lovely Company DIY lightbox, £18
These battery operated DIY light boxes are great to personalise family spaces. They come with a set of letters and symbols so you can change your message as often as you like. Additional symbols and letters can be purchased – if you’ve got a lot to say there are 3-tier light boxes available too. Great on a display shelf and can also be wall mounted.VW Beetle light

5. VW Beetle light by Saartje Prum, €69.95
Add a playful retro touch to a modern scheme with the iconic VW Beetle. This light looks great whilst switched off and emanates a soft light when on.

House of Cloud sleepy star light

House of Clouds sleepy happy star wall light, £60
Brighten up a corner in need of some light and colour with these pretty star wall lights. Handmade to order in the UK, its cheeks glow when the light is turned on. This one is perfect for white and pastel schemes (other colours available).

Ursula Wesselingh is an interior designer specialising in children’s spaces. Follow Ursula on twitter @roomtobloom or visit her website.