Rooms We Love: Space Age

Image: Koko Kids

Whether they come to it via the Science Museum or Star Wars, believe in aliens or can recite the names and positions of the constellations – many kids are fascinated by outer space. Here’s how to keep them stargazing in their own space themed room.

Where do you even start with a space themed bedroom? Those luminous sticky-backed stars that rip chunks of paint from the ceiling have had their day. But whether your future astronaut simply wants a rocket playhouse or can barely look up from poring over maps of the sky, we have scoured around to find some great bedroom ideas – from instant fixes to sophisticated schemes.

Refinery 29 Space Bedroom

A sophisticated and understated scheme, this room was featured on Refinery 29 and was shot by Anna Williams for Hilary Robertson’s Tips For The Stuff Of Life. Budding Astrologists who want to highlight their prized collection of meteorite fragments can use a suspended light over a table or shelf to spotlight their precious finds. The black and white vintage print is a great touch for older children who take it all very seriously.

Little Hands bespoke wallpaper

This custom wallpaper is by Little Hands. Going all out on the walls means that you can achieve an instant (and relatively inexpensive) overhaul of a plain room without having to accessorise, so even though it feels quite radical, it means that, if and when they grow out of the phase, you won’t be left with a bunch of redundant mismatched bedding, artwork and cushions: you simply switch the backdrop. Besides, you can’t beat foxes in space.

Space themed room in Madrid

This apartment in Madrid was renovated for a young family by design agency Nimú. Photographed by Jose Luis Delara for Design Sponge, we love the simplicity of the space, the rocket, which is only cardboard, offers a play space while the paint effect on the ceiling is exciting and unusual but really easy to achieve. This is the subtlest take on the space theme we’ve found and is gone in an instant when the novelty wears off.

Paul et Paula Star Garland

The beauty of a space themed bedroom is that you can boldly go (sorry) with a dark colour scheme. This room, featured on Swedish lifestyle blog Paul et Paula, has only a suggestion of outer space with the simple star garland, yet the moody blue walls and bedding can be interpreted as deep space – and surprisingly, these colours add depth to a small room rather than making it feel more enclosed.

Cardboard DIY wall rocket

If all things space age are simply a passing phase, you can do something radical yet temporary without investing too much time and money – this paper and cardboard rocket featured on German blog Mit Vergnuegen is great fun and costs next to nothing to create. Add a slogan or moonscape poster or wall decal and you’ve indulged the theme without having to commit to it. Clever.

Get the Look:

Get The Look: Space Themed Rooms

  1. Numero 74 stars garland, €19
  2. Koko Kids moon fabric wall sticker, £45
  3. Kid-Eco cardboard rocket, £29.51

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