Rooms We Love: Traveller

The eclectic world traveller look transposes brilliantly into children’s bedrooms and playrooms: not only does it allow for a bit of organised clutter, but it also evokes exploration, plays well with vintage furniture and helps them to get to grips with the world by making maps the backdrop to their play.

Here are some explorer themed rooms we love…


According to the author of Lovely Life blog in Sweden, this is the best looking boys’ room she has seen, quite an accolade from a woman with such style. The addition of the plant makes the room feel more outdoorsy and alive, and the map adds a contemporary backdrop to the vintage furniture.


This rollaway bed, picked up in an antiques market by Hvítur Lakkrís and upholstered in raw linen is simple and elegant. The enamel wall light and painted floorboards offer an industrial edge while the cool greys of the scheme are given depth by the orange and green in the map. Floor cushions are a practical way of offering moveable places to read and play.

Mr Perswall world map

The combination of a bright, white space and a colourful map makes this room instantly playful. Each continent on the Mr Perswall world map mural is depicted in a different vintage print or pattern. Our pick for a playroom.

Globe Mobile boys room

Decorator and textile designer Lauren Leiss created this bedroom for her two boys. The globe mobile was an inspired Christmas gift from an old friend, and the room has a sophisticated and worldly feel to it, with storage built into the bed to keep the floor space clear. A great idea for smaller rooms.


Use a selection of old hand-coloured maps and charts to create a faux wallpaper which gives an industrial feel as well as offering plenty to look at. The teepee and beanbag by Restoration Hardware are practical and fun reading spaces, while the hanging plane is food for the imagination.


In more contemporary spaces, solid colour maps can add a wistful but modern touch. Here, the minimalist scheme via ButikSofie could be a little stark but the orange cushions and map (by Ferm Living) add character. Wall stickers are relatively inexpensive and can moved or changed easily too so they make a good, simple uplift for the in-between phases (nursery to kids room / child to teen). 

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