Monochrome: How To

Monochrome interiors
Left: Sissy & Marley wallpaper, Ferm living basket.

While a simple, B&W scheme can be a bit stark, layering grey and white with bold punctuations of black is far from it. Here’s our pick of the best new monochrome offerings and some stylish monochrome bedroom ideas for kids that also translate easily to playrooms:

  • Start with white walls and factor in some blackboard paint: try magnetic blackboard paint for extra fun.
  • Layer lots of grey – not one tone, but many. Steely blue-greys and warm, soft chalky greys combined give depth to the scheme.
  • To stop the room feeling clinical, vary the textures: cushions, rugs and window dressings will soften the hardness of a monochrome space.
  • Make sure the lighting is soft and warm. A cold LED bulb will make the whole thing feel like an IKEA display room.
  • Be flexible: the best monochrome rooms use accents of colour to break them up, whether it’s a jewel green chair or a canary yellow print, colour can punctuate.
  • If it feels stark, treat the black like a feature colour not the main player. Use it sparingly against the greys.
  • Bold, graphic patterns like chevrons and zigzags play best – if a print is too detailed and delicate it can end up looking like the kids been let into a white space with a black biro.

Image: Little Big Bell

Want to give it a try? Here are our favourite pieces

Monochrome Interiors for Kids

  1. Simple and bold, we love the Ikea Stockholm rug, from £100
  1. Perhaps polemic, but this wire frame pistol wall light by Zoe Rumeau is tongue-in-cheek chic, £282.69
  1. Scatter a bunch of these cute Sleepy Ghost cushions, kr199 each
  1. Trust MiniWilla to get it just right with The World poster, £24.50
  1. String up some black honeycomb balls for a playful touch, £2
  1. Who doesn’t need an April Eleven black superhero mirror? £38.50
  1. These simple Ferm Living baskets keep it all neat and tidy, £26
  1. The Sentou Mini Acapulco chair brings serious design cred, £166