Stylish Storage Ideas for Kids Spaces

Kids Storage Ideas

Kids come with stuff, so make sure you factor in enough storage to manage an avalanche of toys. From baskets to shelving and underbed drawers, here’s some kids storage ideas and a some quick and affordable solutions.

The following images come with a warning to preserve the collective sanity of parents: This is not real life.

To compare your children’s playroom or bedroom with the heavily styled and beautifully organised rooms that fill Pinterest, is as irrational and unhealthy as comparing your backside with J-Lo’s or your waist with Kim Kardashian’s. They too have the benefit of stylists (and photoshop).

We may never achieve the photogenic glory of these clean and serene spaces. We may never muster the enthusiasm to colour code their book collections. But that’s ok.

What we can do is copy some of these clever kids storage ideas and perhaps, save ourselves a few crippling barefoot LEGO incidents in the process.

Kids Storage Inspiration: 

Kids Storage Solutions Lonny MagazineMrFox-boys-rooms-kids-storage-ideas

Well-stocked toy shelves in the playroom (via Lonny Magazine) and leaning wall shelves (via Land of Nod)


Under bed drawers (via House and Garden)


Baskets on the floor (via House & Garden) and Book Wagon (via 1 PureHeart)


Ikea’s box shelves and baskets (via The Sleepy Time Girl)

Our favourite kids storage ideas and tips:

  • If you have the space, deep floor to ceiling box shelves are really versatile. Fill the bottom row with baskets for all the small bits, use the middle shelves for books that they want to reach and the top for the nice looking toys which you are willing to keep on display. Just watch out if your child is a climber – it’s worth putting an l-shaped bracket on to prevent them from tipping over.
  • In small rooms, corner storage is an excellent way to keep leftover bits off the floor.
  • Underbed drawers or cabin beds with built in cupboards are brilliant for conquering clutter. From toys and puzzles to clothes, they are great for a room with little built-in storage or no wardrobe. In a shared room they are particularly good for keeping the floor space free.
  • Old steamer trunks, blanket boxes and even vintage suitcases work well either on the floor or under beds. Kids can fling them open, play and throw everything back in at tidy-up time.
  • There will be a mountain of books and ideally, they need to be in reach. Wall hung bookshelves with books facing outwards encourage kids to grab and read, but for a shared library, a Radio Flyer or festival wagon is a great mobile solution and great fun too.
  • You can’t have enough baskets around: log baskets are ideal for kids to take responsibility for their own tidying and nice to look at.

Quick and affordable kids storage solutions:

Kids storage ideas

  1. Radio Flyer wagon, £121.23
  2. GLTC Northcote Corner Toy Box, £155
  3. Underbed drawer from A Space, from £90
  4. Ikea Kallax Shelving unit, £120
  5. Numero 74 storage baskets, €49


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