Kids Rooms: Adventure Playroom

Indoor Climbing Frame

From an indoor swing in the living room to a slide down the stairs, we choose some of the best bedroom and playroom uplifts for energetic kids.

If your children are always full of energy, you don’t have to continually make plans to be out of the house so that they can tear around. Why not bring the playground to their bedroom or playroom, and let them burn off steam indoors?

Indoor Swing

Sophie Demenge, the designer behind Oeuf NYC, has an indoor swing in her living room. Though it looks terrifying, it’s probably awesome for bravelings. As featured on Cup of Jo, with pictures by Stephanie Deleau.

Indoor Climbing Frame

A set of polished tree trunks installed upside down provide climbing areas in the Kita Drachenhöhle kindergarten in Berlin. Photograph via Architizer.

Indoor Climbing Frame

In this cool Helsinki family home photographed for DEKO magazine by Krista Keltanen, and featured on interiors blog Mrs Jones, the children have a simple climbing rack on the bedroom wall, which doesn’t take up much space and yet kids can hang out whenever the mood takes them. Clever.

Indoor Play Ground

We love this ingenious clamber portal. It allows kids to go from one room to the next, offers a fun space to sit and read or play and prevents sibling arguments resulting in slammed doors. Installed by Michaelis Boyd architects in a house in West London (not ours, sadly).

Indoor Slide

You’d have to be really keen to go as far as installing a tube slide like the one in this East Village apartment, designed by Turett Architects. But then again, no more soft play on a Saturday morning… It’s almost worth the investment.

HOW TO: Not got much space? Here are 3 indoor swings for an instant playground:

Ikea Stava Swing
Ikea SVÄVA swing, £36

Would you bring the playground into your house? Seen any brilliant ideas we’ve missed?