Reading Lights: Clip and Clamp

Clip Lights kids rooms

There’s nothing as fun for kids as hunkering down on the bottom bunk reading stories. But try reading print smaller than that of a first alphabet board book in the dimness of the twilight and you’re asking for eye strain. For a quick fix, clip lights are ideal on bunk beds or a small shelf near the pillow as a reading light – for them and you. Here, interior designer Ursula Wesselingh selects the most stylish.


  1. Tse Tse pinched cone lamp, €145 (now €116)
  1. Hektar spotlight, £13
  1. Ranarp wall/clamp light, £18
  1. Graham and Green clip lamp, £32
  1. Tommy silver metal clamp desk lamp, £18
  1. Blue clamp lamp Klippy, €21.50
 Ursula Wesselingh is an interior designer specialising in children’s spaces. Follow Ursula on twitter @roomtobloom or visit her website

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