How To Create A Vintage Kids Room

Ellie London owner's Vintage Kids Room
Image: Victoria Roper-Curzon

From tin cars and wooden robots, to bedspreads and rocking horses: the vintage look has crept from toys and fashion into interiors. Here’s how to master the vintage kids room concept and some ideas to get the look.

  • Head up to the loft: yours and your parents’. The beauty of going vintage is that you can literally make do and mend. There’s something satisfying about watching your kids play with the dolls and cars from your own childhood.
  • Liberate yourself from a colour scheme: There’s no need to worry about matching tones – although bold, bright and neon are really not at home in a vintage room. Think of your own upbringing – the burnt orange, brown and forest green palette of your grandparent’s swirling carpets. All set against dark blue walls? Why not!
  • All that dark wood and bare oak furniture they can’t give away at the local antique shop? Grab it. You can pick up some great pieces on eBay too: Lloyd Loom, wicker stools and linen baskets great for toy storage; vintage school chairs and lift-top desks. We love Blue Ticking for one-off vintage pieces.
  • Clutter is par for the course so some open shelving to display old toys or a glass-fronted curios cabinet will do the job brilliantly. Make sure there’s a globe and a stack of old books around.
  • If you have furniture already, you can always get crafty and give it a lick of paint (or find someone to do it for you, obviously). Annie Sloane have a huge selection of vintage colours: avoid greys and adventure into deep greens and mustard yellows.
  • If you have some floorspace, throw down a rug or layer a few: ideally a worn Persian pile.
  • Crocheted bedspreads, floral eiderdowns and patchwork blankets will all bring beds some vintage charm. Ideally, get hold of an old metal frame, especially good for shared rooms – you can always mismatch colours too, like Victoria from Elfie London has done in her children’s room (above).
  • An old rocking horse will add antiquity and will be one of the best investments you can make in kids interiors.

Here’s a few vintage kids rooms we love:

Momma design Vintage Kids Room

Momma design has created great storage using vintage furniture and crates.

Vintage Kids room in Lonny Magazine

The William Morris wallpaper sets the tone in this vintage kids room in Lonny Magazine.

Nina Van de Goor vintage kids room

Nina Van de Goor uses a mid-century cabinet in place of a chest of drawers in this vintage kids room.

Twiggy Lou blog vintage Kids room

A whole lot of wicker features in this vintage kids room on Twiggy Lou blog.

Vintage Kids rooms shelves on Remodelaholic

Vintage toys and books look eclectic in this room on Remodelaholic.

Get The Look:

Vintage Kids Rooms Get The Look

  1. Authentic Models hot air ballon, £15.75
  2. Wicker chair, €140
  3. Hand crochet blanket by Camomile London, £79
Lydia Gard is editor of Mr Fox and an obsessive interiors junkie and columnist. She has two boys aged 3 and 7, and is currently battling the budget to do a radical overhaul of their shared room.