Cool Wall Shelves For Kids Rooms

Tresxics Mountain Shelf

Interior designer Ursula Wesselingh chooses 6 of the best wall shelves for kids to display their favourite things.

Whether they’re sharing or have a room of their own, a great way of personalising the area near a child’s bed is with a little wall shelf for trinkets and keepsakes. Where there’s no room for a bedside table, a shallow shelf over their bed is practical too: to clip on a reading light, or hold an alarm clock and a few books for bedtime reading.

Depending on storage needs, choose a single or tiered shelf, one or more wooden box shelves grouped together, or a themed shelf to fit in with the room. There are shelves for every budget: a shelf looks as good as the collection displayed on it. For décor enthusiasts, try to group items of similar colours, shapes or themes together – even small plastic toys grouped on a shelf look good in numbers.

But perhaps just leave it up to the kids – it’s their personal space after all.

Wall Shelves For Kids Rooms

1. Nonah Galapagos set of 4 wall shelves, €454 (£331)
A set of four solid birch shelves that can be grouped as you like. They have coloured backgrounds, but there’s nothing to stop you customising them with paint or wallpaper to suit your own scheme.

2. Leçons de Choses skateboard shelf, from £50
A skateboard inspired shelf for skater kids, these come in many on-trend colours as well a natural wood, and look great in multiples too.

3. Bloomingville display house, £109
How to contain colour in a monochrome kid’s room? These wooden house shaped shelves add warmth to black and white rooms and graphically display more colourful trinkets. Also available with white roofs and in many more shapes.

4. Rafa Kids S Shelf, €165
Looks and functionality go hand in hand with these well thought out shelves from Rafa Kids. The small size shown is perfect for bedside essentials, with two shelves on a metal background and a few magnets to attach invitations, cards or notes. Ascending sizes include hooks and more shelves to display favourite toys and books. Great for contemporary, Scandinavian inspired rooms or to add warmth to monochrome schemes.

5. Tresxics Mountain shelf & fir trees, £34.95
Add whimsy with mountain peaks and fir trees – this trend fits in with woodland inspired room themes, the Wild West, adventurers, etc. Decorate the surrounding wall with the fabric fir tree stickers (12 included). Also available in green.

6. String pocket shelving, £109
A perennial favourite of design lovers, a simply styled string pocket shelving offers plenty of room for small displays. It’s shallow enough to fit above a bed without bumping heads. This green shelf is one of the latest editions, but it’s available in other colours too.

Ursula Wesselingh is an interior designer specialising in children’s spaces. Follow Ursula on twitter @roomtobloom or visit her website.