Pop Brights: Colourful Kids Rooms

Updating a kids room? Let us guess: toying between blue, white or pink (or white with blue or pink accents)? But wait, stop! There’s no need to drain the colour from their lives. High energy kids deserve a vibrant space to play and grow. Colourful kids rooms needn’t be garish. Here’s how:

  • Start with neutral or white walls. Too bold a colour on the walls will detract from the pops of colour in the furniture and can make a smaller space feel claustrophobic.
  • If you are decorating from scratch, consider a painted wooden floor. Practical, durable, easy to clean and ideal for ensuring the bold colours are the focal point.
  • Make sure the colours you choose work together tonally: you can mix pastel, neon and primary but mind you don’t over do it.
  • Pink is a brilliant counter to red, orange and yellow. And it’s not just for girls.
  • If you are using a graphic print (like the rug or mural pictured below) keep other shapes and textures simple. Too much conflict – especially in bright colours – can be a dog’s dinner.
  • If the room is quite big, avoid the art gallery feel of all white walls by painting skirting in a contrasting colour. Canary yellow or mint green are our favourites.
Image: Kidsmopolitan

Image: Kidsmopolitan

Image: KidsRoom.dk

Image: KidsRoom.dk


Want to get the look? Click and shop our pick of the best pop brights for kids spaces…


  1. Battistella Nidi Vanny kids desk, £585
  2. Chispum planes wall sticker, £22
  3. Wild Pop Giraffe Rug, £260
  4. Rose in April sunshine yellow shelves, £79
  5. Epic sunrise wall mural by Mr Perswall, £30/m2
  6. KG design Robert the Robot money box, £14
  7. Leçons de Choses skateboard shelf, £80

Have you used bold, bright colours in a boys room? Where do you stand on decorating with pink? Let us know… 


  • Kath B says:

    Hallelujah! Finally someone talking sense in the gender debate. My boy like pink and red more than my girl. And what of it? Where were you when mine were really little and I bought into the blue and white?? Thank you xx

  • Fiona Chick says:

    I love you guys for this! The world needs more sensible people pushing all colours for all children. Pink is a terrific colour, and my boys adore it. That giraffe rug is a dream! Would love to see a boys’ fashion post featuring pink. If I had the budget and photography skills, I’d do it myself! Loved this – great work! 🙂

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