6 Ways To Clear The Clutter

Storage solutions and ideas

Interior designer Ursula Wesselingh helps to minimise the mess with some simple storage solutions.

January is the time for resolutions, reorganising and a good declutter: tackling those overflowing closets, playrooms and bedrooms with renewed energy. Kids’ rooms and family spaces can be especially challenging. Whether you are trying to keep their rooms as tidy as possible or have given up on that dream and just want to cross the room without tripping on something, these tips should help to keep some of the clutter at bay.

Decluttering Tips

Cuckooland storage bench

1. Industrial Kids Locker storage bench, £225

If space is at a premium, consider dual-purpose furniture to increase storage and a semblance of order. This bench comes with three drawers for toys, hats and scarves for example – great for a family kitchen, hallway or playroom.

Swoop Bags

2. Swoop Bags, $48

A great solution for masses of Lego (and plenty of other collections) is a Swoop bag. Designed to make tidying up a breeze, it can also be used as a circular play mat when opened up and spread out on the floor. Just chuck everything back in after play and hang on a hook to clear away. It’s available in many plain colours so it’s easy to find one that suits.

(Swoop deliver to a number of European countries but not currently the UK. Play & Go offer a similar solution in plain and striped designs (available from Amara, £26)).

Vitra Uten Silo
3. Vitra Uten Silo wall organiser, £236.30

Keep desks tidy and trinkets in check with an organiser on the wall. Great to keep the surface free for homework and projects, it also makes it easy to find the scissors, paperclips and glue stick. Also available in red and black.

Nubie Block Bed

4. Nubie Asoral Block bed with eight drawers, £1990

Think long term when it comes to storage and keeping clutter at bay. Children’s possessions accumulate as they grow older, so investing in a lasting solution is a good idea. This 8-drawer bed will go a long way in keeping a small room look tidy. Available in a wide range of covetable colours.

Dennis Storage Boxes

5. Dennis toy box, £130

Return a family living room back to calm at the end of the day with a toy box. Make sure to buy one with an anti-drop mechanism that prevents the lid slamming down on small fingers and heads. This one has industrial appeal and comes in two shades of grey.

 Sketch Inc. for Lucie Kaas wall hooks
6. Sketch Inc. for Lucie Kaas wall hooks, £15 each

Wall hooks are handy to help clear the floor. Use a peg rail or a few individual hooks to provide a home for stray clothes, pyjamas, dress-up costumes and bags. If installed at an age-appropriate height, you may be able to teach little ones good habits early on. With these fun character hooks it will be fun too.

Ursula Wesselingh is an interior designer specialising in children’s spaces. Follow Ursula on twitter @roomtobloom or visit her website.