6 Stylish & Unusual Children’s Wall Prints

Children's Wall Prints

Want a quick kids room update? Add instant character with an unusual children’s wall print.

Decorating a kids room is about achieving the balance between form and function, keeping clutter at bay and getting bucket loads of character into a space that still manages to feel ordered. Not easy.

One sure way to inject some playful energy into a space is to add prints or wall stickers to a simple scheme. With that in mind, we’ve chosen 6 of our favourite posters and prints, all of which are cool and inexpensive and none of which are likely to grace the playrooms or bedrooms of their friends.

Children's Wall Prints

  1. We love this monochrome poster from Pax & Hart print painted by artist Emma Labattaglia. All of the designs in their range put fun, soul and spirit in full focus. Scandinavian Minimall, £29
  2. There’s such innocence in this Mr Moon, Für Neil poster by Martin Krusche for OMM Design, dedicated to Neil Armstrong. There’s also a wooden placard version of the face if your kids are aspiring astronauts. The Kid Who, £18.50
  3. This Walnut en Walrus print reminds us of Kay Bojesen’s iconic wooden monkey. It’s very playful and fun and will work brilliantly in a simple scheme with bare wood floors or furniture. Psikhouvanjou, €29.95
  4. For something more than a standard poster, add a splash of colour with this Lemon limited edition signed print By Pleased To Meet. The Kid Who, £60
  5. Simple but colourful, we love The World Poster illustrated by Anna Kövecses for Human Empire. There’s plenty in it to get their imaginations fired up. €17
  6. If money is no object, or you prefer to buy art than prints, consider investing in Alligator by Sussex based designer Kate Boxer. It’s one of a selection of simple animal prints that we are coveting for ourselves, let alone the kids. (POA)

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    Ooh I’m decorating a space themed bedroom so the earth print would be perfect. Thanks for the link!

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