Wet Weather Gear That Really Works

Wet Weather Gear for Kids

It’s all very well wearing stylish garb but when the rain is coming at you sideways, you need wet weather gear that works. Here’s our pick for kids.

Whether you have to walk dogs, meet friends at the park or simply get to play school or school as quickly as possible, nothing kills the enthusiasm like wet socks and damp backs. We reckon that decent wet weather clothing is about the most important thing in any child’s wardrobe. Whether the coveralls are to keep uniform clean and dry, or just to make puddle jumping more fun, here’s our tried and trusted wet weather winners.

The Best Kids Wet Weather Gear

Muddy Puddles Originals All in one

  1. If they gravitate towards water or you want to keep them 100% dry on a long walk or park visit, then the Muddy Puddles Original all-in-one is the best bet. Windproof and generously sized to allow layering, the downside is that you have to peel it off when they suddenly need the loo but we think the benefit of having no gaps which fill with water on the slide is worth it. You can guarantee clean, dry clothes and happy kids. Just pair with wellies and make sure the foot strap is under the sole. £28Ruck Kids Sou Wester
  2. You can’t beat a Rukka souwester hat for proper fisherman-style and nostalgic appeal but, let’s face it, this design endures because it works. A bargain at £11Fulton Funbrella Birdcage Kids Umbrella
  3. It’s all very well having an umbrella with a frog face but most (if not all) umbrellas designed for kids are too shallow to stop the rain hitting the back of their necks. We love the Fulton Funbrella Birdcage, which covers head and shoulders and keeps hair dry  – maybe not ideal in high winds but great for getting from A to B. £10 Didriksons Slaskeman Kids Waterproof Set
  4. Everyone has a go-to brand and ours is Didriksons for wet weather (and ski) gear. Every kid needs a Didriksons Slaskeman waterproof set to see them through the rainy days of winter. The reflective panels keep them visible on the road and the elasticated sleeves and ankles keep wind and water out. Team them with over-arm gloves for a complete seal. Wash them at 20 degrees without soap and the waterproof seal lasts as long as they will fit. £39.99 (Currently on offer: take 20% off this price at Little Trekkers)Kickle Raincoat
  5. If you need a rainproof jacket for the school run that is completely waterproof but still ranks pretty high on style, then grab a superb Kickle yellow hooded raincoat while they are in the sale. £31.50 (was £45)Polarn-o-Pyret wellies
  6. How often have you bought kids wellies that peel at the rim or leak at the heel within a month? Not so with Polarn O Pyret’s collaboration with Swedish shoe brand Kavat. These limited edition kid’s wellies have a removable wool lining for extra warmth and are as durable as they come. Dry heels and cosy toes for £24 (was £30)