Sticks and Stones

There’s nothing quite like playing outside on a cold, crisp winter morning, as a low sun hurls shadows through bare branches and every twig snap is the sound of a new adventure. Don’t stay cooped up, wrap them up well in layers of wool and tweed to trap in the warmth, then get outside.

(ABOVE) Antoine wears Strummer pant and knitted cardigan, both Scotch Shrunk.
 La Coqueta checked Aliso shirt. Marie Chantal duffle coat.

Henry wears Scotch Shrunk Rocker Pant, knitted cardigan and woollen caban, with Hugo Boss polo, Caramel Baby & Child Dotty scarf.

Seth wears Caramel Baby & Child Juniper skinny jean, Hugo Boss check shirt and cable knit sweaterLa Coqueta Lotus duffle coat.

Devon wears Marie Chantal stretch cordsCaramel Baby & Child Cloudberry jumper and Aubepine scarf.

HeaddressesSara Lowes Animalesque. Shoes, models own.


Devon wears Marie Chantal stretch cordsCaramel Baby & Child Cloudberry jumper and Aubepine scarf. Sara Lowes Animalesque squirrel headdress.

Seth wears Caramel Baby & Child Juniper skinny jean, Hugo Boss check shirt and cable knit sweater. Sara Lowes Animalesque fox headdress.


Antoine wears: Strummer pant and knitted cardigan, both Scotch Shrunk.
 La Coqueta checked Aliso shirt. Marie Chantal duffle coatSara Lowes Animalesque wolf headdress. Shoes models own. Willow Castle from Hedgehog Shop.

4. mrfoxmagazine-shoot-092

Henry wears Scotch Shrunk Rocker Pant, knitted cardigan and woollen caban, with Hugo Boss polo, Caramel Baby & Child Dotty scarf. Sara Lowes Animalesque rabbit headdress.

5. MrFoxmagazine-shoot-151

Antoine wears That’s Not Fair trousers and double-breasted jacket. Elfie London Hector shirt. Shoes models own. Wooden Pirate Dagger by Cocoa Dodo.

6. MrFoxmagazine-shoot-243.

Seth wears That’s Not Fair tweed suit. Scotch Shrunk denim shirt. Caramel Baby & Child Mustard Spot bow tie. Devon wears La Coqueta Papiro shirt and Clianto jumper. Scotch Shrunk woolen caban and Strummer pant. Henry wears That’s Not Fair Herringbone suit, Caramel Baby & Child buckwheat jumper. Scotch Shrunk check scarf. Wooden sailing yachts by Knot Toys

7. mrfoxmagazine-shoot-303

Henry wears That’s Not Fair Herringbone suit. Scotch Shrunk check scarf.


Photographer: Rachelle Simoneau
Stylist: Verity Megan
Art Director: Amanda May
Props: Tim Daly & Poppy Daly
Production: Mud and Glitter Children’s Portraits

Location: Grovelands Park, London.

Special thanks to: Louise at Grovelands Park Cafe, Enfield Council Parks Department & Chickenshed Theatre.


Henry Morris from Alphabet Kids
Antoine Hoyte-Lovell from Alphabet Kids
Seth Cunningham
Devon Hindley