Spring Style: La Coqueta

As the new collection hits the shelves, we grab five minutes with mum of five Celia Muñoz, owner and founder of London based childrenswear brand La Coqueta, to talk about dressing boys and what having children has taught her (so far). We also bring Mr Fox subscribers an exclusive offer to step into spring in style.

What are your highlights from the current collection?

I find it difficult to get excited about boys’ fashion in general and love it when an extra little detail can be added to a simple classic shirt and change the overall look and feel, like our new Mao Neck shirt with a pocket at the front.

The best look of the season?

Celia’s pick:


Mr Fox pick:


Who most influences your design?

My five children. Every time I design a garment I think of each of them individually wearing it. I also love looking at pictures of when my grandparents were young, they used to dress so beautifully and the clothes were not dissimilar to La Coqueta’s. Every season I revisit pictures from Robert Doisneau so that I don’t get too distracted by trends.

Five things having five children has taught you?

  • To think less about myself and more about others.
  • To be patient, think things through and not to blame myself too much for things that may not end perfectly.
  • How little you need in life to be happy and feel fulfilled…I am now a lot more appreciative of simple things in life.
  • How important my relationship with my husband is.
  • To prioritise my time as it has become incredibly precious. I can multitask in a way I would have never imagined and make time only for things and people that are important to me.

What does it mean to you to bring your children up in London rather than your hometown Granada in Spain?

I love the fact that my children are growing up in London even though we keep very close to our roots by going back to Spain on a regular basis. In London we don’t have a broader family network so my husband and I spend all of our free time with the children. We live near Hampstead Heath and tend to walk everywhere, which I think is a great habit to have. We love seeing our children wondering freely in the park and discovering nature.

What matters most in dressing kids?

For me clothes for boys need to be uncomplicated, durable and comfortable. Looking smart is always something I appreciate. As a mother of five (and loving hand-me-downs), I think it is paramount that clothes are good quality. When I look at my children I realise that there is little point in dressing them in overly sophisticated clothes. I like to imagine clothes worn on children after they come back from the playground. If they still look good, that works. Boys love to run, discover and get very messy…

What is the thing you find yourself saying most to your children?

I love you. Or, please sit down while you are eating. Any tips for this last one would be greatly appreciated!

What’s in the bottom of your handbag right now?

Two red Nars lipsticks, a sketch book, an elasticated hairband, a first aid kit, a couple of old receipts and a small purse with pictures of my family inside.

Celia Munoz la coqueta

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