Festival Fashion For Girls

festival fashion for girls

If you’re rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into the family festival season, then get into the spirit of things with our pick of the best festival fashion for girls, from Hawaiian prints to fringed t-shirt dresses and straw hats.

Whether you’ve bravely booked a yurt or sensibly checked into a local B&B, the fact is you’re going to that festival and the kids are going to love every minute of it. The combination of food and fun, (hopefully) sunshine and music, theatre and wide open space, makes the new breed of family festival a brilliant long-weekend option for adventurous families.

Apart from the tent, festival wagon, suncream, hand sanitiser and ID tags you’ll no doubt have ordered, it’s always fun to dress the part. Festival fashion for girls is slightly grungy, ‘messy hair don’t care’ teamed with dirty florals, floaty shapes, pops of bold colour and practical shoes – that bit is a must. Have kids carry their own bag – a golden rule beyond age 5 – and make sure everyone has a hat.

And if your daughter is likely to spend most of the time cartwheeling and climbing trees, then forgo a dress and opt for playsuits and shorts.

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Festival Fashion for Girls

  1. We love this Scotch R’Belle tropical straw trilby with detachable head band, £43 (now £34.40)
  2. The Billy Blush smock shirt is a classic summer top that will keep her cool if the sun shines, £36 (now £28.80)
  3. Wear the Soft Gallery Ice Cream dress over shorts and with hi-tops for a perfect festival kid look, £48 (now £38.40)
  4. At this price, you can buy an H&M playsuit in every colour for every day, £5.99
  5. As the afternoon rolls into the evening, take the chill off with this fun jumper from Boden, £30 (now £15)
  6. The quintessential festival bag – which you’re not going to mind carrying if she gets tired. Scotch R’belle Hawaiian tote, £46 (now £41.60)
  7. Comfortable and cool, these gold Boden gladiator sandals are ideal for long days skipping through fields, £26
  8. Team with a floaty top and some sandals for a really stylish edge. Miller Beebalm shorts, £55 (now £37.50)
  9. Kids will live in these Converse Chuck Taylor hi-tops, from £27