Festival Fashion For Boys

festival fashion for boys

If your son wants to stay at the stage until the last band is packing up, he’ll need to dress the part in this season’s best festival fashion for boys.

It’s not for everyone, the festival lifestyle. You have to accept that most of your food will be fast (and yet ironically come after a minimum 45 minute queue). You have to sleep on a deflating airbed with the smell of BBQ smoke clinging to the inner folds of your tent. You may even have to frequent a portaloo and skip bath time for a few days.

And if you’re a young boy, the chances are that almost all of this is a plus point.

So once you’ve taken your kids to one festival, prepare yourself for the fortnightly haranguing to go to another, and another. But plan ahead and the chances are you’ll enjoy it just as much as them.

Wine by the campfire, some quality time with the kids that involves them seeing you dance and laugh and go down a helter-skelter… The chance to wear a Panama hat and not feel conspicuous. In fact, if you embrace the whole idea you could well become ‘that’ family: with the gorgeous kids on their parents’ shoulders at dusk, listening to a band and definitely not having a tantrum because nobody has slept a wink and everyone needs the loo.

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festival fashion for boys


  1. Cheap and on trend, grab an H&M Denim shirt, £9.99 (now £7)
  2. Don’t forget to pack an M&S straw weave trilby, £10
  3. We love this M&S Iguana print t-shirt, £7
  4. This seriously stylish Scotch Shrunk lightweight bonded shirt looks great with denim, £61.95 (now £37)
  5. Proper festival kids need this 5-pack of H&M bracelets, £2.99
  6. Let all the boys envy his Flamingo bermuda shorts, €67.50 (now €40.50)
  7. Not inexpensive, but extremely cool, we want these Scotch Shrunk chino shorts and belt, £62
  8. Practical and comfortable and in this season’s mustard, the 10IS midlace trainers, £50
  9. A great sale bargain for cool evenings. Morley Omer trousers from Elias & Grace, £75 (now £30)