The COS Edit

Cos boys clothes

Continuing our series of the high street’s best buys for boys, we edit the COS spring collection.

No one said it would be colourful, but it certainly is cool. The thing we love about COS is that whether your kids are actually white blonde, honey-skinned euro-hipsters or not, they can almost certainly pull off Stockholm chic in this garb. Is it the boxy cuts, the pale pastels with a pop of neon, or the slightly futuristic collarless thing? Who knows… But the almost gender-neutral look is great for older boys who shun hoodies and brush their own hair, as well as two-foot terrorists who may act like little animals, but can still be dressed to appear charming: at first glance at least.

Stock up on COS if your sons have childless godparents who take a keen interest in fashion and reserve a special pitying look for your children, and by extension you, that says, ‘What happened to you, you used to be so cool?’

Cos Boys Clothing

  1. Fend off the chill in the air with a lightweight but warm double-layer sweatshirt, £17
  2. No logo, no pattern, just a contrast printed pocket t-shirt, £10
  3. Something Scandinavian this way comes, with the block-colour jumper, £27
  4. The very fine stripe on this printed collarless shirt keeps it playful, £19
  5. Great for leggy boys, COS denim jeans are a wardrobe staple, £23
  6. The most stylish hooded jacket in a great colour, £49