Cool Slogan T-Shirts & Tops

Cool Slogan T-Shirts for Kids: Wilding Kids Bookworm T-Shirt
Image: Wildling Kids

Nothing delivers a message like a t-shirt and at Mr Fox we’re suckers for nice typography and a simple statement. These 6 cool slogan t-shirts and tops are relevant and fun.

Once upon a time the only slogan t-shirts you could buy for kids were heavily branded or saccharine sweet. Recently though, a bunch of brilliant independent labels have been producing statement tops that we would happily parade our kids around in: for their simplicity, style and brilliant statements.

Cool Slogan T-Shirts for Kids


Cool Slogan T-Shirts for Kids: Play Hard Nor-Folk t-shirt

  1. Apparently #twinningiswinning at the moment – matchy matchy siblings has been around since we were kids, but now lots of parents are twinning tops with their offspring. Mr Fox favourite Nor-Folk make a range of simple monochrome tops but our pick is the Play Hard t-shirt: great alone, but even better twinned with a grown-up in ‘Work Hard’. £20


Cool Slogan T-Shirts for Kids: Anti Bullying t-shirt
2. The Mini & Maximus No Bullying Crew t-shirt is a superb message on a simple monochrome t-shirt that really cool kids will take pride in wearing. This should be standard issue for every kid of playground age. £23.50

Cool Slogan T-Shirts for Kids: Stay Weird Child.ish jumper

3. Good old Cara Delevingne has made celebrating ‘different’ one of contemporary fashion’s biggest and boldest messages. We like this Stay Weird jumper from British brand Child.ish. Wish it came in adult sizes too. £40

Cool Slogan T-Shirts for Kids: Selfish Mother Kin sweater
4. You’ve got to hand it to brands that give back. Blogger Molly Gunn’s line of Selfish Mother tees, which donate profits to survivors of war, deserve support. From Boy and Girl to Mother, Sista and Kin, there are plenty to choose from. We like the neon and grey Kin sweater best. £18
Cool Slogan T-Shirts for Kids: Tiny Cottons Hibernation Jumper5. The new collection from Tiny Cottons has some really cosy pieces, but this Hibernation jumper has got to be the best. A must for little people layering up this autumn. £27Cool Slogan T-Shirts for Kids: Wilding Kids Wildling t-shirt6. We’re big fans of American brand Wildling Kids. From ‘Gracias Madre’, to ‘Have Fun Every Day’ and this, ‘Wildling’, their t-shirts really celebrate childhood. We’re pre-ordering the Bookworm t-shirt (top image), though we’ll add in this Wildling t-shirt and a stack more – to justify the shipping you understand… $34