Skater Boys

Image: Asmith Photography

This year saw the skate park at London’s Southbank saved and a host of new parks are planned across the country. Skating is bigger than ever, so make sure you choose him the right deck (yes, that’s the terminology).



  1. A smaller, lightweight version of the original Bantam, the Faded Cruiser is grippy, reliable and comes in a range of ‘epic’ colourways. £74.99 for 23” x 6”
  1. This iconic Star Wars Chewbacca design from Santa Cruz is a statement amongst skaters. Get one while you still can. £187.99 for 35” x 10”
  1. The Wood Penny skateboard from ABC123me fits perfectly in his backpack and brings a little South Beach style to the park. £98 for 22” x 7”
  1. The stable and compact little Blazer Cruiser from Globe makes a great starting ride. £79.99 for 26” x 7.5”
  1. Let him hone his skills on a Ghost by Sunset. And if a transparent board isn’t rad enough, it also comes with self-powered light up flare LED wheels.  £90.83 for 22” x 6”
  1. Stereo Vinyl cruisers are designed with music in mind, for boys that can’t be without their headphones for a second. £69.95 for 22.5″ x 6″

{Image Credits: Clothing: ABC123me, Stylist: Lwany Smith}

Found a better board (ride/deck) than these? We’d love to know about it in the comments below.