Play & Go Toy Storage

Play & Go Toy Storage

At Mr Fox we are always on the hunt for stylish products that offer solutions for modern parents. Play & Go is a simple, innovative toy mat, tidy and storage bag all in one.

If you get most of your exercise picking up a thousand tiny toys, over and over; or lose hours separating Lego from Knex, railway tracks from building blocks, enter our competition below.

What is Play & Go?

Play & Go is a new play mat and toy storage bag. Simply spread it out and tip the toys into the centre. At the end of the day, pull the cord and the mat gathers into a bag.

Why is it Mr Fox approved?

It’s simple and stylish, practical and durable. We like the variety of patterns and colours and the fact that it’s portable – take it from room to room or throw it in the boot of the car for a weekend away.

How to?

Have one for their most-loved toys, sling it over the bedpost or the back of the bedroom door, or buy a few and hang them on pegs in the playroom as a chic toy storage idea. Depending on what you fill them with you can pile them up – try mixing patterns – we love the plain green, zigzag and diamonds together.

Where can I get one?

You can buy Play & Go – they ship to the UK – but we’ve got a green one to give away to one lucky winner so first, enter our competition below!

Play and Go Toy Mat

Play & Go Toy Mat Giveaway