Maggie Bolger: My Favourite Toys

maggie bolger

Maggie Bolger, CEO of family members’ club Maggie & Rose and mother of four, picks her top gifts for young kids.

As a mother and the creative director of Maggie & Rose family members clubs and nurseries, Maggie Bolger spends an unusual amount of time trawling toy sites. So we asked her to share some of her go-to stylish gifts for kids.

“These gifts double as stylish room accessories for design-conscious parents who prefer to steer clear of the primary coloured plastic toys that litter the high street stores.”

  1. Retro race car, £89
  2. Personalised toy storage crates, £35
  3. Cross bow, £28
  4. Leather football, £150
  5. Fold & go barn, £50
  6. Magicians set, £14.95

Maggie Bolger is CEO and Creative Director at Maggie & Rose family member’s clubs. She has four children, the youngest is 4 and the eldest is 15. Follow Maggie & Rose on Twitter @maggieandroseUK