Dressing Up Costumes To Foster Creative Play

Dressing Up Costumes

Hanging at home? Pull out a basket full of dressing up costumes and accessories and watch a story unfold.

There are few things better than standing in the next room, listening to your children and their friends in the throes of imaginative play.

Whether they are practicing for a performance of pirates vs. unicorns or simply crawling around the room channelling wild animals, it’s important to allow them some space to be creative – and listening at the door is (in our opinion) good for the soul.

Some children really enjoy creative play and have boxes, baskets and cupboards spilling over with dressing up costumes.

Other more reluctant performers might just dabble with the odd pin-on tail or mask and reject the idea of a donning a full costume and prancing around on ‘stage’ to put on a show for you, the lucky parents.

Either way, it’s a good idea to pepper toy boxes with a few accessories: perhaps a headband or two or sling some masks a hook in the playroom for moments when they do decide to get into character.

Impromptu role play is one of the best ways for children to experiment with everything that they are learning: from language to environment and social behaviours. The magic of childhood is in the freedom to express themselves in an uninhibited way.

If that means we have to stifle our laughter as they deliver their finest ballet performance with a stilted voiceover (always in a strange Welsh accent) accompanied by the recorder, so be it.

Stock up on our favourite dressing up costumes:
Dressing Up Costumes

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  2. Tutu du Monde butterfly kisses skirt at Land of Small, £59
  3. Oeuf NYC Cheetah mask and tail at Shak Shuka, £42
  4. Ride on Pony by Travis Designs at Childhood’s Dream, £35
  5. Ivanhoe helmet at Hedgehog Shop, £12
  6. Numero 74 butterfly fairy wings at Molly Meg, £25
  7. Wovenplay Pirate costume, was £80.00, now £64
  8. Tutu du Monde Firefly royal feather headband, £32
  9. Little Unicorn head by Flatout Frankie, £18