Brilliant Beach and Pool Toys

Want to stand the slightest chance of getting beyond the first chapter of the novel you packed? Ensure that the kids aren’t bored on the beach or bickering by the pool by packing some of these tried and tested beach and pool toys.


Sunnylife Havana Beach Paddles
Take your A-game to the beach, pool or villa garden. Just try not to lose both balls in the first ten minutes.


Swim Ways Squid Discs

Swimway Squid Disks
These award-winning creatures are small and portable yet win you the most time of all. Dip, soak and hurl them at each other. If nothing else you’ll enjoy the revenge.

Sunny Life Luxe Lie-on Float Pineapple
What’s not to love about an oversize inflatable pineapple lilo? Not only is it great for colourful holiday snaps, it’s comfortable, trendy and less likely to be all over Instagram than the swan/flamingo of last year.


JiLong Inflatable Water Wheel
Even the most sensible child or coolest kid can’t help but succumb to the sheer hilarity of trying to roll in an inflatable water wheel.


Zoggs Seal Dive Sticks
Balance them on the pool steps to encourage little ones to get their heads wet, or lob them in the deep end for more advanced swimmers can dive down and collect.



Move over armbands – the SwimFin has been a serious game changer, allowing kids to gain water confidence while keeping them in the correct swimming position.


Intex Jumbo Inflatable Beach Ball
You really can’t beat a huge inflatable ball for holiday entertainment. Just try not to kick sand all over unwitting honeymooners in the process.


ASVP Mermaid Monofin
Particularly great for kids who love snorkelling in the sea – this will help them fly through the water. Even pro free-divers use monofins to get deep, fast.


ActiveSol collapsable folding bucket
If your kids are still at the ‘catch a crab and poke at it for the afternoon’ stage, you can’t go wrong with this flatpack bucket. Fill it with sand, water or beach toys, it’s durable and portable too. When they grow out of it, it’ll double as an ice bucket to chill your rosé.



Aqua Sphere Seal Kid Googles
£12 (various colours)
Of all the masks we’ve tried, these outstrip the competition. The flexible frame, watertight fit and 100% UV screen means comfort as well as great visibility to help dive-bomb siblings.

Waboba Blast Ball Pro
The Blast Ball bounces on water and is a great buy for older kids trying to impress new holiday friends, or pool dwelling dads who love to outsmart their kids.

And don’t forget that most of our brilliant bath toys also double up as pool toys too, especially for very little ones.






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    Thank you for listing us in your Best Beach Toys for Kids roundup! We think we are a “game changer” too! Have a great Summer!


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