Dressing up costumes

Numero 74
Image: Numero 74

Role play is great for fostering the imagination, just accept that your sofa is a pirate ship, and the freshly folded laundry is destined to become a crumpled den. Some mums can create a suit of armour out of an old scarf, some tights and a wooden spoon, but for the rest of us, here’s a pick of the best dressing up outfits and accessories, minus the scratchy taffeta and Disney characters.

Dressing Up Costumes


  1. Stella McCartney Lee jacket, £125
  2. Soft toy gun by Numero 74, £2.80
  3. Native American Indian costume, €99
  4. Viking helmet, £17; shield, £9.90
  1. Hand painted animal masks from MOOD, £12
  2. Numero 74 pirate costume, €88
  3. Batman wings and mask, £38
  4. Little Titans Wild Thing tights, £15.99
  5. Fabric crown by Suussies, £11.50

For more brilliant costume ideas check out the Mr Fox Dressing Up board on Pinterest.