Tried and Tested: DK Find Out!

DK Eye Witness Guides
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DK Find Out! is the new interactive children’s encyclopaedia from DK (publishers of the brilliant Eyewitness series). If you need to brush up on your dinosaurs, Roman gladiators or volcanic geology to save face at homework time, help is now at hand.

Who dreads homework more in your house, the kids or you? It’s one thing in KS1 when you know the answers to the 3 x table and basic spellings off the top of your head and can therefore demonstrate your boundless knowledge without referring to a textbook. But get to KS2, and it’s a whole different ball game.

DK Find Out! supports the new national curriculum and appears to have the answers to pretty much everything: from Ancient Rome to history, maths, the natural world and deep space.

Type a topic into the search box, i.e. Dinosaurs and yours is a spread of clickable topics, easy to navigate and with plenty of quick facts to absorb. The site isn’t busy, it has great illustrations and is well signposted with fast facts and memorable quotes: ‘The common octopus has been known to unscrew jars left underwater’.




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Galleries, quizzes and videos help to illustrate the lessons (albeit in an American accent). So you can set the kids up for a fact-finding session, or sit with them and re-learn a thing or two so you’re not caught short when probed about the diet of a sabre tooth tiger and are forced to stage another coughing fit to avoid making a fool of yourself.

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