Cool & Creative Christmas Activity Books

With the holidays upon us and plenty left to prepare for Christmas, let the kids get stuck into an activity book.

If they are not willing to help you decorate, bake or wrap, fling one of these brilliant activity books their way and buy yourself time to get on with the grottoisation.

1. Anorak’s Happy Activity Book: Volume Three

Anorak Happy Activiy Book Volume Three

There’s something old-school about this activity book from Anorak publisher Cathy Olmedillas. There’s all the usual  puzzles, stories and games but with brilliant graphic design and exceptional illustrations. Each activity is designed to encourage kids to be creative and use their brain.  Available from Amazon and Anorak.

2. Pierre The Maze Detective

Pierre The Maze Detective

Super sleuths and conspiracy theorists will love the chance to try and solve the mystery of Mr X who has stolen the maze stone. Track him through the 15 full-spread illustrations, through the routes and mazes to the conclusion. Available from Amazon and Waterstones.

3. Atlas of Adventures Activity Fun Pack

Atlas of Adventures Activity Fun Pack

From colouring in the continents to placing animals in their habitat or planning a hot air ballon adventure, this follow on from the brilliant Atlas of Adventures is a great one for adventurous spirits – even if they are stuck in the back of the car to Auntie Sarah’s house. Available from Amazon and Waterstones.


4. Where’s The Wookiee

Star Wars Where's The Wookiee

We all love Where’s Wally but to be completely on theme this Christmas, why not search for Wookiee instead? He’s more elusive than you might expect and the scenery in the backdrops is full of brilliant detail. Available from Amazon and Waterstones.

5. Fashion Rebel: Outfit Maker

Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker

In a recent survey, ‘fashion designer’ was the most popular response from children asked what they want to be when they grow up. Encouraging budding designers to combine shapes and experiment with mixing and mismatching styles instead of slavishly following fashion, this compendium has more than 200 templates to trace… so they can create all manner of outfits, from Parisian chic to cutting edge cool.  Available from Amazon and Waterstones.

6. Flapjacks From Space

Flapjacks from Space

A brilliant spin on the simple doodling placemats, these tear out mats feature jokes that will have school kids peeling with laughter, bizarre facts that you can’t help but retain and a bunch of puzzles and riddles that should keep them busy through Sunday lunch. A great distraction for picky eaters and good to have around for playdates too.  Available from Amazon and Waterstones.