Picture Perfect Pop-Up Books

There’s a new breed of pop-up books full of comic genius, brilliant engineering and exceptional design. We pick 5 of our favourite pop-up books for kids, including four new or upcoming releases.

Nothing quite holds a young child’s intrigue like the process of lifting a flap or turning a page to find a glorious 3D picture spring the story into life. In some of these new releases, the author/illustrators have even woven the story into the mechanism of the paper, marrying the concept and the delivery to create something really clever and memorable. Here are 5 magical pop-up books. 

1. That’s My Hat by Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert

That's My Hat pop up book

That's My Hat pop up book
The beauty of this book is in the simplicity of the delivery. It begins with the process of the illustrator showing the reader how to draw a hat (a semicircle) and a taxi (a rectangle) before you set off to find the hat which has blown away.

The subtle observational humour will keep parents smiling while children love to peer at the book from every angle to find the naughty hat-stealing monkey as he dashes through the pages: through a zoo, a department store and a library before finally bringing the illustrator back to rescue him. A clever, fun and brilliant book. Available to pre-order now: released on September 14.

2. The Greatest Opposites Book on Earth by Lee Singh & Tom Frost

Greatest Opposites Book on Earth

The Greatest Opposites Book on Earth
Big Picture Press always seem to exceed every expectation, and this is no exception. This clever lift-flap, pop-up book makes learning opposites all part of the game.

Superb paper engineering and Tom Frost’s circus-themed illustrations make this a book they will want to keep going back to, because the learning is a sideshow to having fun.

Available from Amazon or Waterstones.


3. In The Forest by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud

In The Forest pop up

In The Forest Pop Up Book
A tale about bravery, ecology and the natural world, the paper-engineered story follows a lazy sloth through a lush green forest as he swings around avoiding machines which are pulling down the trees.

The overarching message is about disappearing rainforests, but the story engages young readers and the design is stunning.

Available from Amazon and Waterstones.

4. The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas 

The Colour Monster Anna Llenas

Best Kids Pop-Up Books
As toddlers begin to experience a range of emotions that they cannot yet put into words, this is the perfect book to help them. The protagonist is a sweet monster who wants to explain how he feels and uses colour to do so.

It’s an innocent but powerful opportunity for children to make sense of how they feel and learn colours along the way. Anna Llenas’s simple illustrations are full of soul.

Available from Amazon and Waterstones.


5. Paris Up, Up and Away by Hélène Druvert

Paris Up Up and Away

Paris Up Up and Away pop up book
One you might not be able to bear the children playing with, this is a feat of patience and intricate lasercuts by illustrator Hélène Druvert. The story follows the Eiffel Tower as it sails through the sky gliding over Paris, l’Opéra, La Seine, Les Galeries Lafayette, and many more iconic landmarks, held up on the breezes by balloons.

Available for pre-order now, released 5 October.