Books For Adventurers & Bravelings

If your children have a fascination with the natural world, consider these beautiful adventure books for kids. From the story of evolution to curious facts from the animal kingdom, and journeys around (or through) the world, these books feed hungry little minds. 

When children become aware of the world around them they instantly begin to ask questions. From ‘why does it rain?’ To, ‘how do monkeys swing by their tails?’. So instead of faking a coughing fit to avoid answering before you’ve consulted Siri, consider stocking up on some of these brilliant adventure and natural world books. Brimming with facts but delivered in just the right tone to engage kids, we guarantee you’ll all get a taste for adventure.

story of life by Catherine Barr

The Story of Life: A First Book about Evolution by Catherine Barr

Any idea how the first living cell was created? Or how that cell multiplies to become a jellyfish? Taking kids on a wild adventure to meet fish with bendy necks, dinosaurs, humans and everything in between, this book is exceptional at making natural science really accessible. If your kids are interested in why some animals have two legs, and others four; some lay eggs and others have babies; or need to grasp the impact of ice ages and volcanic eruptions, the illustrations in this gorgeous book will give context to the well-explained facts.

story of life book

creaturepedia book

Creaturepedia by Adrienne Barman

For the animal lover in the family, this alphabetically ordered encyclopedia is crammed with humour, imagination and insight into the character of creatures great and small. With fun illustrations, animals are categorised into architects and noisy neighbours, homebodies and forever faithfuls. The tone and design are engaging. This is a go-to gift and deserves to be on every bookshelf.


atlas of adventures

Atlas of Adventures by Lucy Letherland (illustrator)

For dreamers and adventurers alike, the seven continents are explored in a series of scenes: from the penguins of Antarctica, to the Carnival in Brazil or a canoe safari down the Zambezi River. A boy and girl deliver insights from their own travels, and notice things that children find delightful and hilarious along the way. Children that find remembering facts a chore will do so without even realising by wolfing down the facts on every page. A brilliant entry point.

atlas of adventures

beyond the surface book
Beyond the Surface by Nicolas Andre

If you have mini Bear Grylls on your hands, this is a perfect bedtime adventure. Exploring the earth from it’s centre to it’s highest peaks, the story documents the achievements of history’s bravelings throughout the centuries. This concertina book makes great wall art or can be tucked or pinned along the bedside to encourage daydreaming.

beyond the surface

walk this world
Walk This World
 by Lotta Niemenen

A children’s book debut from Finnish illustrator, graphic designer and art director Lotta Nieminen, this is a cultural whirlwind tour in short verses, told largely through fantastic graphic illustrations. A celebration of the cultural differences between places, open the doors and windows to meet people and see the detail of life in every page.

Walk this world