15-Minute Mother: Pattern Postcards

pretty pattern postcards

Switch off your phone and take 15 minutes ­– an achievable amount of time to fit into the cracks of a day – to fully engage in the shared pursuit of creating/building/making or doing something.

This week: Beth Gunnell’s Pretty Pattern Postcards.

pretty pattern postcards

A collection of 25 exquisitely illustrated postcards to colour in and send, this activity offers a reminder of all things slow and simple – a life before Instagram, WhatsApp – and the joy of receiving real post, from a real person. Each postcard is easily detached and the drawings range from exotic birds to floral skulls.

All illustrations are intricate and pose a moderate level of challenge to the dexterous, mini-artist (aged 6+). That said, my 2 year old loved every minute of her random, impressionist scribbling and relished the business of applying the stamp and watching the finished piece disappear into the postbox. Quick, old-fashioned fun.

Top Tip: Keep in your back pocket for emergency use in family-unfriendly cafés.

Available from Amazon, £6.99

Sarah Hall is a freelance writer and advertising copywriter. She has three children, two girls aged 6 and 2, and a boy aged 5.