15-Minute Mother: Space Adventure

Oglee Poglee Space Adventure

15 Minute Mother reviews the Oglee Poglee Space Adventure craft box.

RULES: Take 15 minutes ­– an achievable amount of time to fit into the cracks of a day – and fully engage in the shared pursuit of creating/building/making or doing something. Just one rule, switch off your phone. Afterwards the children will be satisfied and you’ll be able to get on with the necessities, minus the self-reproach.

This week, Sarah Hall road tests the Oglee Poglee Space Adventure craft box (£17.99).

Oglee Poglee Space Adventure Review

Let’s face it, you could sit down and cut out hundreds of different sized-stars and planets. Or pop into a craft shop and buy googly eyes, glitter pens, glue etc, probably for less than the retail price.

But you don’t have the time or the willing to theme your son’s craft session. So the beauty of this well-organised series of craft projects from Oglee Poglee (others include Ocean Adventure and Bugs) is that you can simply sit down and begin…

There’s no need to empty the contents of your overflowing art cupboard (a painful process in our house) as everything you could possibly need is provided, including tips and pictures to get you started so that in no time at all, your children have created inspiring ‘Space Art’ to stick on the Smeg.

There’s even a space story to colour in and a ‘Magic Button’ to take on adventures. The creators of this series clearly understand children. They say the boxes are aimed at 4–7 year olds. My 2 year old loved it as much as my 6 year old.

Top Tip: Try not to control the activities too much. For real freedom of expression, simply empty the box and let them loose on the contents.

Sarah Hall is a freelance writer and advertising copywriter. She has three children, two girls aged 6 and 2, and a boy aged 4.  She can be found most mornings training for Tough Mudder.

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  • Nina says:

    This craft box looks great – I am going to order one for my Kids to use over the Easter holidays

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