Stylish Party Bag Ideas

What to put in party bags

Stuck for ideas as to what to put in party bags? If you’re tired of wasting money on plastic tat, why not break the mould and try something a little bit different.

Kids might get a five minute thrill when they tip out a bag full of pocket money toys and E numbers but, really, does any of it last as long as the sugar high?

It might feel like you’re economising by buying 20 miniature, stretchy rubber men on Amazon, but by the time you’ve also put in the bubbles, bouncy ball, tattoo, Haribo and a slab of squashed cake, you’re effectively handing a few weeks’ pocket money to every kid in class. And you can guarantee that the parents won’t thank you for having to pick crumbs out of the carseat for the rest of the week.

So here are three stylish and affordable alternatives to the annual dilemma of what to put in party bags…

The Cool One

We spotted a great idea on Instagram. Nicky from cool style blog Little Spree made the brilliant drawstring bags (pictured above), block printed with the names of children attending the party and containing a pair of sunglasses. Bulk buy drawstring bags and pop a thank you inside with the glasses. It kills two birds with one stone and makes the gift feel far more personal.

Total cost per child: £7what to put in party bags

  1. Westford Mill cotton stuff bag: £1.75
  2. Unisex sunglasses (100% UV): £4.99
  3. Colour in Thank You Very Much notes: 10 Pack £5.45

The Creative One

Giving something that kids can actually do or make is always nice – especially for parents. We love these super simple rainbow pencils which come in a pack of 3. Combine with a small notebook, with a personal thank you written on the inside cover, and tie in together with string.

Total cost per child: Around £4.what to put in party bags

  1. Meri Meri Pow Boom Bang notebooks, Set of 3, £7
  2. Pack of 3 Rainbow pencils, £5.75
  3. East of India string, £6.95

The Classic One

Nothing beats giving a book. If your party has a theme, Pirates for example, you can choose an activity book, sticker book or story that fits that theme. If not, bulk buy your child’s favourite or a classic, age-appropriate book on Amazon and wrap each book after writing ‘thank you for coming to X’s party’ inside the book. You (or your child) can then handwrite each child’s name on a tag: just keep one or two spares in case someone turns up unexpectedly. Wrap in brown paper and string to add to the traditional feel.

Total cost per child: £3.75

what to put in party bags

  1. 50m of brown wrapping paper, £8.40
  2. Your child’s favourite book: we love Oliver Jeffers’ The Day the Crayons Quit 
  3. 50 buff strung tags, £1.74