The Definitive Kids Party Checklist

kids party checklist

Throwing a kids party? It’s probably not the first time but even so, our kids party checklist might just take the headache out of planning it…

If you’re a typically busy parent the chances are you plan parties in such a way that the kids have a fantastic time and you end up frazzled but the next year get amnesia about the 2am cake decorating, the frustrated stuffing of uninspiring tat in party bags or the misspelled names on party bags and invitations.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. By thinking about the whole thing a few weeks earlier – and referring to this genius kids party checklist – you can run the whole affair with military precision and have enough energy left at the end of the day to try out the bouncy castle.

It helps to treat the party like a project and communicate your plans with the parents of children invited nice and early. Start by creating a contact list (or ask the school/playschool for a copy of theirs) with email addresses of parents, telephone numbers and correct spelling of the children’s names.

Decide nice and early if you are willing to host parents and siblings too – they will expect party bags per child and if it’s an afternoon party, you’ll have to think about wine and beer for adults. Make the rules clear on the invitation and then always allow 10% more food than for siblings who come uninvited or that one child who had said no to change plans at the last minute.

Order the party food and drinks in a separate shop to your weekly delivery. Book it to arrive the day before so that if they substitute essentials you still have time to get them. Keep the receipt to refer to for the next party. And if the party falls in the summer months book the bouncy castle well ahead to avoid having a purple princess castle at a Minecraft party.

In fact, all you have to do is print of this clever checklist and tick it off as you go. Simple.