Party Planning: Ruby & Roo’s top tips

Ruby & Roo Kids party


Planning a kids party anytime soon? We’ve tapped up London’s hottest party planners Ruby & Roo for some top tips on throwing a brilliant, beautiful and memorable party.

With parties, it’s all about the details, says Rochelle George, founder of London’s most desirable kids party planners, Ruby & Roo. Planning every tiny detail to the utmost degree beforehand, means that kids see nothing but the magic of the event and parents can actually enjoy the experience.

For some parents, handing it over to the pros takes out the stress. But if that’s not an option (or you take a bizarre pleasure in the process), Rochelle shares her top tips for throwing a successful party with Mr Fox…

Ruby & Roo

Ruby & Roo’s Top Tips

  • It pays to create a master to-do list with your guest list. It should include contact information, supplies, dietary restrictions, RSVP’s and so on.
  • Ensure you send out invitations in good time to guarantee you have all your child’s favourite friends and family there.
  • Decide (together with your child) on a theme that they love: this is key to the success of a wonderful children’s party.
  • Plan a variety of engaging and age appropriate games and activities.
  • Ask around and book a show-stopping and lively performer. Depending on the ratio of children, is an absolute must if you want to keep the kids happy and engaged.
  • Either buy or make a cake that ties in with the theme and can act as the centrepiece for the party. The food you serve is equally important (if not more) for leaving a lasting impression on both the children and the adults who attend.
  • If you can’t get a photographer, make sure you have a decent camera nearby to capture the best moments. The early years go by in a flash and all too soon the memories of smiling, painted faces and boisterous party games will fade away. It’s a really nice touch to print your pictures and give each child a memento of the party as they leave.

Ruby & Roo

Rochelle George spent 22 years working with children of all ages as a highly experienced, qualified Nanny with a Montessori Diploma –  throwing a lot of parties in the process. Her first-hand understanding of children, creative vision and wealth of connections put her in the perfect position to launch children’s events company Ruby & Roo. Follow Ruby & Roo on Instagram @rubyandroo. Images John Nassari.