Best Party Gifts Under £20: 8-11 Year Olds

Best Gifts Under £20

It’s the done thing 7+ to invite a just a few close friends from the class. If your child is one of the favoured few, they will get a kick out of giving a cool present. Here’s our pick of the best gifts under £20.

By the time they hit KS2 (ages 8-11), children tend to have pretty strong opinions on what they want for their birthday. Which is fine when you’re buying for your own but there’s an unspoken rule that you just don’t prescribe what other people bring to your child’s party (although with aunts and uncles it’s a different story, of course).

Parties at this age tend to be more select and parents tend to drop off and run. All of this means that kids are far more likely to open the present on the spot, so if you don’t know the child you’re buying for, ask yours a bit about them.

No one wants to give something unwanted – it’s a waste of money for starters – so choose something fun, cool and a bit different and get the party off to a good start.

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Best Gifts Under £20

  1. Kids with a thing for superheroes will love The Art of Vintage DC Comics postcards, £13.99
  2. A fun if frivolous gift for kids with their own desk space (not usually welcome on the fridge). Wisdom Teeth magnets, £7
  3. Great for organising homework and book bags, these Sardine paper clips are a good option to stockpile for kids you don’t necessarily know well, £6.18
  4. Crafty and creative kids will enjoy this beautiful bird mobile kit by Alice Melvin, £7.99
  5. Playful, bright and bold, we love this Howdy screenprint by Hector & Haddock, £10
  6. Thow and grow a cool Catnip Seedbom – there are other seeds including wildflowers for kids without cats! £2.95
  7. Another one to occupy small hands and minds, the Sukie button factory is great value for money and produces lovely badge for them to hand out back at school, £13
  8. If it’s a garden party, give these Garden Quoits so they can play on the day, £14.95
  9. Retro but current, Rubik’s Cubes are seriously addictive and competitive kids will love the challenge, £9.99