Best Party Gifts Under £20: Under 5s

Best Gifts Under £20

We choose the best gifts under £20 (mostly under £10) to ensure you and your child get a heart felt thank you from toddlers and preschoolers – and their parents.

Once your child is at playschool or nursery, the party invitations start to fly in. Seemingly weekly there’s another knee-high knees up: from tea and cake at home to a lavishly decorated and finely orchestrated bells and whistles event. While the presents are unlikely to be opened on the day, you still want to bring something that kids will love, is a little unusual and ideally, errs on the side of stylish.

If you know the child it’s a little easier to choose, but if you don’t, we’ve picked a bunch of presents that tick the box of cool, practical, affordable, unisex and just a little bit different.

Our advice? Shop sales and offers so you always have a few in stock for that last-minute scramble when the invitation was left in the bottom of the playschool tray or lost in the footwell of the car and you get a text reminder at 11am.

Have a few rolls of paper and some brightly coloured washi tape on hand at all times (no, tinfoil is never an acceptable substitute and toddlers can’t unwrap things done up with masking tape). Finally, keep a multipack of birthday cards in the cupboard and you’ll never get caught short again.

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Best Gifts under £20


  1. Kids love turning this wooden cube into a robot and back again: all the fun of a transformer but looks great on the bookshelf too. Areaware cubebot, £16.20
  2. For kids with serious style, we love Shwings shoe wings (and so do the Beckhams’ kids), £10
  3. Sweet, safe and great value, it’s always handy to have some of these woodland rabbit night lights in the cupboard, £4.95
  4. A great gift for helping fine motor skills – and can be unwrapped to rescue a party that has been rained off. OMY poster in a box, £9.50
  5. Good old-fashioned fun comes cheap with this John Lewis hopper, £8
  6. Retro and fun, this robot lunch box is also great for carting prized lego or small toys around, £15
  7. Hours of entertainment comes with this robot arm grabber, £6.95
  8. This bamboo nesting xylophone is a seriously nice, good quality and good looking gift for a lucky kids, £19.99
  9. Unusual but useful, we love these stackable Playon crayons, £10