Best Party Gifts Under £20: 5-7 Year Olds

Best Gifts Under £20

We have scoured our favourite shops to bring you the best gifts under £20 (mostly under £10) that are unusual, fun and just a bit cool.

If there’s one thing that staggers parents with kids of school age, it’s the number of parties they are invited to.

While your weekends were once sacred family time spent visiting family and old friends, now you have to factor in at least twice monthly kids’ parties: many of which (inexplicably) are held over Sunday lunch… is nothing sacred?

At this age (5-7) the general rule of thumb is to invite everyone in the class so be prepared to leave your gift in a huge pile – and we suggest wrapping the card inside the paper to avoid losing all credit for your brilliant gift.

And it will be brilliant, because you have ticked both boxes: parents won’t have to tolerate more plastic crap cluttering up the toy boxes and kids will actually enjoy playing with it.

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Best Gifts Under £20


  1. An interactive and interesting book for creative spirits. Alexander Calder Meet The Artist, £11
  2. The Professor Puzzle Lab Test particle puzzle will keep them quiet for some time, £10
  3. Great fun to give to school friends, the gorilla rubber by Oh Deer is one to stock up on, £7.95
  4. Small, practical and really engaging, kids (of all ages) can build away, limited only by their imaginations. Plus-Plus 3D building blocks, £5
  5. In a lovely box with handle, the Janod double-sided jigsaw makes a great gift for adventurous kids , £19.95
  6. A lovely, stylish and durable gift that all the family will appreciate. Tik a Tak noughts & crosses, £16
  7. This simple t-towel is printed with it’s own cutting patten. Kids can use it until they decide to cut it up and create their own Cushion Craft gorilla, £12
  8. One of the best cardboard craft kits we’ve tried, the Make Your Own Robot set can be dismantled and brought out again later, but it’s cool and stylish enough to be left on display £15.97
  9. Budding scientists will enjoy experimenting with this cool crystal growing set, £7.95