What is Mr Fox?

Mr Fox is the free weekly email newsletter for modern, discerning parents.

Like you, we’re interested in finding the right balance between school work and playtime, understanding our children’s digital lives, and making sure they eat healthily. We love a high street steal and the occasional splurge. We want to navigate the education system to get the best for our kids as well as find unusual toys and brilliant decor ideas. We want exceptional family holidays where children are celebrated rather than tolerated.

Every week the newsletter brings you a short sharp edit of the best content across all aspects of modern family life: from travel, food and style to parenting, development and downtime.

Why should I subscribe to the newsletter?

We know that parents are busy and that there is lots of competition for your time and attention both on and offline. We put together the weekly edit so that you’ll receive the content that is relevant to you: once a week, directly to your inbox, which you can read when it suits you.

As a subscriber, you’ll also receive exclusive content, offers and discounts from Mr Fox approved brands.

There is lots of online parenting content. Why should I subscribe to Mr Fox?

Because we believe we offer something different. Something that values both style and substance. We know that many parents are looking for more than just chat room advice (and arguments), PR placed product ‘reviews’ and social media shares of toddler meltdowns.

At Mr Fox our aim is to offer quality, intelligent and thought-provoking content as well as stylish and unusual ideas – for your kids and your home. And then delivery straight to your inbox once a week so that you don’t have to spend time seeking it out.

Weren’t you just for parents with boys?

We launched Mr Fox because, as mothers of boys, we couldn’t find a resource relevant to us. When it comes to fashion and décor, traditional parenting media gives plenty of column inches to ‘pretty’ things for girls, but very little space for interesting or unusual boys stuff. Mr Fox set out to redress the balance.

But, as most of our content is as relevant to parents of girls as those of boys, and as time has gone on and our team has grown, broadening our readership was the logical next step. One thing’s for certain though: there will be as much great content for boys as there always has been.

Why do you categorise some of your content as being for boys or for girls? Isn’t that gender stereotyping?

We know that as much unites girls and boys as divides them and that’s why the majority of our content isn’t categorised by gender.

But while we certainly don’t subscribe to stereotypes, in our experience (and that of fellow parents) the behaviour, interests and needs of boys and girls can, at times, be very different.

So we might occasionally cover developmental issues that affect boys more acutely than girls (and vice versa). We may suggest that a wallpaper or a pair of sandals is ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’, but our readers can decide for themselves if it is for their kids, irrespective of labels.

At Mr Fox HQ, life with boys means ballet and rugby, dinosaurs and baking, camping and crafting. And the same goes for girls.

Who are you anyway?

Mr Fox was founded in 2014 by two mothers:

Editor Lydia Gard is a features writer, columnist and regular contributor to Conde Nast Traveller, House & Garden and Tatler, among other titles. She is Associate Editor at Country & Town House. She has three boys (aged six months, 6 and 9) of the common or garden variety. After ten years as a travel and interiors writer living between London and Europe, she has migrated to Hampshire. When not peering at a laptop, she juggles three early risers and three dogs (with the grace of a second-rate circus clown).

Kate Douglas-Hamilton was a lawyer in London and New York before jumping off the corporate treadmill into the world of technology and digital media.   She is the co-founder of Mr Fox and looks after the commercial and digital stuff and writes about food, kids technology and travel. She has one son, aged 6 and lives in London and Oxfordshire. When not shopping online or chasing a scooter though a park, Kate occasionally updates her very neglected blog.

Among our contributors are leading journalists, interior designers, chefs and parenting experts. Most are parents, some are godparents, aunts and uncles, and each brings their own take on modern family life to Mr Fox.

I’ve got something to say. How do I get in touch?

We would love you to become part of the conversation – whether via the article comments, our Facebook page or email: we love hearing your thoughts and feedback.